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Right now, the insurance industry is fighting hard and dedicating massive amounts of resources to change the laws in order to make it easier to avoid payment of No-Fault benefits.  Citing rising claims costs, the insurance industry is advocating changes that will make it harder for healthcare providers to be paid, and easier for insurers to deny legitimate claims. The burden that the insurance industry hopes to put on medical providers will overwhelm them, and in turn, lead them to stop treating patients injured in car accidents.  This means that the next time you or a loved one is in a car accident, they might not receive treatment. The insurance industry will not care about the resulting pain and suffering accident victims will endure without treatment. The members of NYFAIR do care.

We are here to speak for the rights of accident victims and their right to quality medical treatment.  We are here to speak for the rights of the health care providers who need to be able to treat their patients based on their assessment of medical need, without interference from insurance companies.  We are here to protect you, your family, and all New Yorkers who will be affected if the Insurance industry is the only voice that is heard in the New York State government on these very important issues.

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